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Are you an animal lover? Do you like spending time with cats and dogs? If you do, then starting a business like Hounds Town USA that deals with animals may be just for you.

Your business model can be anything from pet boarding to dog walking. As long as it’s an animal related business, you should be able to pull off a profit of some form.

There are a lot of businesses that deal with animals that require very little investment and can begin being profitable within the first few months or even weeks after launching your business. Below are some examples:

Pet Boarding:

Pet boarding requires very little in terms of startup capital. You will need to decide upon a location where you want to set up your business and rent or purchase property such as an apartment, house, building or even a garage with enough space to accommodate the animals. Once this has been decided, all you have to do is set up a website, post your business address on it and wait for customers to come knocking. You can start charging just about anything you want but if you are planning on turning this into a long-term business, then try not to price yourself out of the market.

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Another option is to work along with other pet related businesses in your area and offer to walk or pet sit for them. If your business is in a more rural area where there aren’t any other businesses dealing with animals, you can advertise yourself as the “local pet sitter”.

Dog Walking:

This one is similar to pet boarding but instead of having the animal stay with you overnight or for a few weeks at a time, you will be going out for a few walks with your client’s dog. You can ask to bring along another of your own animals if you have one or two and thus convince the customer to give you more work.