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If you run an auto business of any kind you want to utilize the internet to its greatest advantage. Many people when they need something will jump on their phones and start looking up specific things to find what they need. If they are looking for an auto shop or similar services, then your seo for auto shops strategy should focus on being on that list of results.


When creating videos for your business you want to focus both on pain points and education. Videos are more likely to rank in google due to the fact they can be used by customers when they need guidance. Make sure that your videos are not too long and keep them under three minutes if possible.

Content on a website

Having content is vital for good ranking, especially when it comes to e-commerce search engines like Google. Content has many different options and can be anything pertaining to your industry such as articles, news/blog posts, videos or photos. Grabbing a customer’s attention and keeping it is very important, so make sure that you focus on providing the best content possible.

Keep your content current

seo for auto shops

We don’t want to keep coming back to your site and seeing the same content or hearing the same old news and offers. If you want to win you want to have fresh content and reasons for Google to visit your site. The more content that you put out and the more interaction you get the better Google will like you and the higher you will rank for your terms.

Keywords will make or break you

When people start to search online they use keywords. You want to learn and understand why people type in specific keywords. When they type in these words they are looking for specific information. Make sure that any content or marketing that you do leads them to something related to that topic. If not, they will be disappointed and quickly bounce to someone else.